Legal status and role of University of Newcastle


Who does the Office of General Counsel represent?

Attorneys in the Office of the General Counsel represent the University as an institution. Members of the Office of the General Counsel advise and represent University employees acting within the course and scope of their employment in matters concerning University business (they do not advise or represent employees in their individual capacities).

What is the legal status of the University?

The University is a corporation established by the Delaware Constitution (Article IX, Sec. 9). It was established on 26th August 2002. Registration No. 3562575.

The formal name of the University is “The University of Newcastle.” All legal obligations and commitments of the University must be established with this entity.

Who has authority to act on behalf of the University?

Legal authority to bind the University resides exclusively with Board of Regents and the Officers of The Regents of the University of Newcastle in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Order 100. Specific responsibility and authority may be delegated in writing by the Board of Regents and the Officers to designated officers and administrators in accordance with the Board of Regents’ Delegation of Authority Definitions and Protocol. University managers and administrative officers should ensure that they have appropriate delegated authority before signing or approving contracts on behalf of the University, and before committing any University resources.






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