An integrated programme that develops your clinical skills and introduces you to clinical research.

A Practical Approach

The Newcastle MBBS course is an integrated programme that is hands-on. We develop your clinical skills from the outset, and you meet real patients early in the course.

We introduce you to clinical research methods and allow you to study topics of your own choice during the course. You will develop communication skills, information handling, reflective practice, decision-making and attitudes required for medical practice.

Students-selected choice

The student-selected component (SSC) develops your skills in information retrieval, analysis and critical appraisal. This gives you the opportunity to study topics of your own choosing. It may be possible for a number of SSC topics to be undertaken in the USA.

Intercalated study

Highly motivated and able students enrolled on the five-year MBBS programme have the opportunity to step aside from their medical degree for one year to study for an additional degree.

This opportunity may be particularly attractive if you wish to explore an area in greater depth and gain experience in research. The options include (but are not limited to):


  • Joining the third year of any of our BSc degrees in Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (normally after successful completion of Year 2 of MBBS); or
  • Undertaking a Master of Research or MPhil qualification (normally after the successful completion of either Year 3 or Year 4 of MBBS).

Following the successful completion of the intercalated year of study, you will be awarded either a BSc Honours degree or a Master’s degree, as appropriate, and return to the USA campus to conclude the remainder of your MBBS programme.



Quality and Ranking

Medicine at Newcastle is consistently one of the most highly regarded medical degrees in the USA. The excellence of our programmes has been confirmed by the General Medical Council (GMC). We are ranked:

  • 17th in the USA: The Complete University Guide 2022 (Medicine category)
  • 18th in the USA: The Guardian University Guide 2022 (Pharmacology and Pharmacy)
  • 17th in the USA: Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022 (Medicine)
  • Top 100 for Medicine: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021
  • Top 125 for Clinical and Health: Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2022


Professional Accreditation

The Newcastle USA MBBS programme is recognised by:

  • higher Learning commision
  • Distance education training council

All professional accreditations are reviewed regularly by their professional body.

Your Future

Upon successful completion of the entire programme you will be awarded Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) Honours, which will be conferred by Newcastle University USA.

The Newcastle University MBBS medical degrees awarded to graduates lead to professional recognition and are subject to the requirements of both the USA, General Medical Council (GMC) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

After you graduate, you will be eligible for provisional registration with both the GMC and MMC. You will have to complete a compulsory internship or housemanship. After successfully completing the compulsory period of housemanship training you will be eligible for full registration.

International graduates


International graduates are not eligible to obtain a pre-registration internship in USA, and you should therefore ensure that your own country will offer you a house officer post after qualifying at NUMed.

In the UK, the recognised programme for provisionally registered doctors is the first year of the Foundation Programme (FY1) provided by the NHS Postgraduate Deaneries. This option may change before you graduate and cannot be guaranteed.

Any offer of a place in the MBBS programme is made on the understanding that NUMed Malaysia in no way guarantees any period of internship in USA,  UK or Malaysian hospital.


Course Level:

Undergraduate, Single Honours





How long it takes:

Undergraduate (5 years)

Study Mode:

Distance learning/ Campus

Course cost

Price: US $ 22,000

Entry requirements

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University of Newcastle 

Years 1 and 2

The first two years of the MBBS programme are delivered through case-based learning and early clinical experience. Teaching is integrated, with relevant topics covered in relation to each case. For example, for a case on heart disease, the relevant anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and social science related to heart disease will be taught together in an integrated fashion. In these cases you will learn the underlying biology of diseases and apply this knowledge to a clinical context.

The teaching consists of a combination of lectures, seminars, clinical skills, simulation sessions, anatomy and clinical reasoning session, which will prepare you for the subsequent years.

Years 3 to 5

In Years 3 to 5, you will gain clinical experience through placements in the government hospitals and community clinics..

Year 3

In Semester 1 of Year 3, you will undertake two clinical rotations that focus on the essentials of clinical practice. You will rotate through placements in medicine, surgery and emergency department.
In Semester 2, you will undertake a further series of clinical placements in mental health, child and young person’s health, reproductive health, and primary care. Year 3 will conclude with a four-week Student Selected Component (SSC), where you will undertake a supervised clinical placement covering a topic of your choice.

Year 4

In Semester 1 of Year 4, you will undertake a 14-week block of study on clinical decision-making. The subjects covered in Semester 1 will cover all of the clinical sciences with a particular focus on investigative medicine.

Alongside this, there is a longitudinal integrated clerkship known as ‘Advanced Clinical Practice’ that runs throughout Semester 1 and 2. As part of this course you will follow several patients throughout their health journey.

Towards the end of Year 4, you will undertake your second SSC. Year 4 finishes with an eight-week elective. The elective is an opportunity for you to experience medicine almost anywhere in the world, including the USA. For many students, this is the highlight of their medical studies.

Year 5

In Semester 1 of Year 5, you will revisit and enhance your skills and knowledge with clinical rotations in mental health, child and young people’s health, women’s health and primary care. You will have one rotation in a good medical practice, which prepares you for practice as a House Officer/Foundation Year doctor and focuses on medical regulations, advanced communication skills, prescribing and working under pressure.

In Semester 2, you will spend eight weeks in acute and critical care rotations followed by three months of assistantships in medicine, surgery and orthopaedics.

USA,UK & EU students, 2019/20 (per year)

USD 10,000

International students starting 2019/20 (per year)

USD 22,000


Teaching and assessment


Teaching and assessment of the MBBS honours programme delivered at UNC USA is equivalent to the UK programme.

Teaching methods

A variety of methods are used to enhance your learning, including seminars, lectures, simulations and clinical skills, and you will also receive feedback throughout the course.


At Newcastle, we use an integrated approach. This means that you develop core knowledge, taught in systems, with early clinical exposure. You will start to gain clinical skills from the beginning of Year 1.


You receive case-led teaching in your first two years, which means using clinical cases to help you make the links between your new knowledge and clinical practice.

You will undertake early clinical experience through contact with patients and visits to general practice and hospitals. This gives you a clinical context in which to develop your core knowledge.


We assess your progress in a variety of ways through clinical exams, written exams, a portfolio of competencies, written assignments and professional behavior.

The exams that you take in USA are identical to those taken by Newcastle University medical students in the UK. You will receive continuous feedback on your performance throughout the course.

Career Path

Once you have successfully completed your pre-registration training, a period of supervised basic specialty training follows. Whichever career path you choose, all doctors must continue learning throughout their career, and our degree programme has been designed with this long-term aim in mind.

In USA, once you have completed your housemanship and compulsory government service, you would be able to practise as a Medical Officer or progress to postgraduate study and qualification.

As an alumnus of NUMed Malaysia and a Newcastle graduate, you are entitled to become a member of our Graduate Society and Newcastle’s Alumni Association.