Senior University Officer


David Bruce Allen Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Professor of Strategy and Business Ethics [email protected]
David Boughey Associate Dean (Education), Professor in International Business History [email protected]
Dr Muhammad Ali Director International Office (Newcastle Law School External Unit) [email protected]
Ciara Eastell Professor of Practice [email protected]
Berrin Erdogan Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Alexandra Gerbasi Professor of Leadership, Head of Management [email protected]
Will Harvey Associate Dean (Research & Impact), Professor of Management [email protected]
Beverley Hawkins Associate Professor of Leadership / Organisation Studies, Associate Academic Dean for Students [email protected]
Ilke Inceoglu Professor in Organisational Behaviour & HR Management, Director of Research (Management) [email protected]
Simon James Honorary Associate Professor in Economics [email protected]
Ronit Kark Research Professor [email protected]
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Jamie Ladge Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Jonas Lang Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Hannes Leroy Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Jessica Methot Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]
Gordon Murray Emeritus Professor of Management (Entrepreneurship) [email protected]
Dr Kim Peters Associate Professor in Human Resource Management [email protected]
Michael Rowlinson Professor of Management and Organisational History [email protected]
Ruth Sealy Associate Professor of Organisation Studies, Director of Impact [email protected]
Gareth Shaw Professor of Retail and Tourism Management [email protected]
Karen Squire Lecturer in Work Based Learning & Professional Development [email protected]
Philip Stern Professor of Marketing [email protected]
Niels Van Quaquebeke Distinguished Research Professor [email protected]